Off to Al Karama

It was day one in Dubai and it was  mighty hot already, with temperatures soaring as high as 42 degrees celsius. Phew that’s hot!

We had reservations to visit the Burj Khalifa. But before that there’s a quick stopover at Karama to pick up our tickets, which my cousin bought as a wedding anniversary gift for us.

Al Karama, or Karama as its known means dignity and is known to be majorly populated by Indians and expats from South East Asia. Hence it comes as no surprise that  you find eateries at every corner that boasts of authentic cuisines from India, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore in addition to Arabic food outlets.

Tall buildings are very rare here. Karama is distinctively different due to it’s low-rise residential buildings. Make your way to the Karama Shopping centre which is known for its bargain shopping and counterfeit branded goods.

From Karama we hopped onto the Dubai Metro to make our way to the Burj Khalifa.