Burj Khalifa

I bet you’ve heard about the Burj Khalifa. Initially titled the Burj Dubai? The tallest building in the world? Ahhhhh now you get it. Oh and it opened on 4th Jan 2010. Yay! On my baby brother Lovell’s birthday.

The Burj Khalifa is awe-inspiring, extraordinary masterpiece in world class engineering, architecture and art. Completed in a short span of 6 years this building is an iconic landmark in Downtown Dubai.

If in Dubai you have to make your way up to the observatory deck of the Burj Khalifa. Situated at the 124 floor, it’s here you get to a beautiful view of Downtown Dubai and views of as far as the eyes can see. We had reservations, so soon we made our way to the top. To book your tickets online or more information, click here.

Our visit to the Burj Khalifa began in the reception area of the lower ground level of the Dubai Mall. A multi-media and interactive presentation documents the story of the Burj Khalifa in comparison to other record breaking structures world-over.

As you get crossover from the reception, you are asked to pose for a photograph which you can later buy as a memento boasting of your visit. A travelator then transports you through time, giving you a glimpse into how Dubai progressed. Once out from here make sure you look up through the skylight from where you get a glimpse of the Burj Khalifa’s towering frame.

Soon you find yourself at the doors of a high-speed elevator which just shoots you up into the sky. Just as the doors close the lights dim and Arabian music closes onto you as you travel at a pace of 10 meters a second to the observatory deck. Watch the dial here. You can see the count starting at 1,2,3 and before you know its floor 124.

Doors open and tadaaa! Floor to ceiling glass walls give you a breathtaking view of Dubai City and the ocean. We ventured out onto the open air terrace for a closer view of the city below. The view is amazing, jaw dropping literally! If Burj Khalifa is the tallest, it’s from here you realize just how huge the Dubai Mall is. It is after all the World’s largest mall. The fountains below too look majestic and so also the awesome structures on Sheikh Zayed Road. Spot Emirates Tower, Burj Dubai and the stalled construction of the World.

There are special telescopes on the deck which give provide travel visions of the past and present as well as day and night views. Walk all around for a 360 view of this magnificent city. It’s really amazing what the Arabs have transformed a desert into a flourishing, self-sufficient island. Not before long it was time to head down. On the journey back you are provided with a deeper understanding into the construction of this structure. The challenges, break-throughs, vision and the people who made this possible. It honestly is an engineering masterpiece.

Every view of the Burj Khalifa gives you a different experience. From afar it appears like a sphere poking the sky, standing down below it look as if the building doesn’t end and from up above you feel like you are floating in heaven.

Having said that the Burj Khalifa transforms into a mystical creature at night. More about that in the next post. Oh and I have a video for you too.

Lastly thank you Zeena, Bryan & Faith for the wonderful anniversary gift which truly made us feel, well, at the top of the world :)